3d self portrait of artist. Artist is made up of smooth primitive shapes and has no facial features. He wears giant circle glasses where the left lens is pink and the right lens is blue. His eyebrows are pointed downward. His hair is a half-black, half-white undercut pulled up into a bun. He wears teardrop plugs in blue and a navy tshirt.

Hey, I'm Rizzo!

he/him, it/its
personal tags

trans masc • total goth • a11y • horror lover • drummer • burger afficionado • dragula watcher • language learner • cryptid enthusiast • tunes maker


Hey, I'm Rizzo!

I'm a Baltimore-based designer and developer working in web and UI/UX. I love designing with interaction in mind and am a huge fan of projects that allow me to flex both my creative and coding skills.

I also co-run Pronoun Monster and am a member of Queer Design Club. Check 'em out!


present day
  • Working on accessible, open-source design system: Fog
  • Designed and implemented documentation, UX research, and design system processes at Allovue
  • Restructured application IA and design language to merge three apps into one
  • Started learning to tattoo
  • Upgraded to Senior Product Designer at Allovue
  • Added more solo-features to app (designer and developer on feature); failed to convince people to use phrase "Figma-to-table"
  • Started drumming
  • Brought on as Allovue's second product designer
  • Began developing an accessible design system to scale across three apps and two products
  • Joined Boys Lie and made a line of graphic tees Megan Thee Stallion wore
  • Designed an entire house for a campaign video starring Noah Cyrus and Violet Chachki
  • Name dropped in Vogue Germany (prost!)
  • Worked between Philadelphia and Baltimore to take care of family
  • Designed a truck wrap
  • Learned I am not a truck guy
  • Attended first GDC in San Francisco; went to every talk about FX possible
  • Joined Big Huge Games as a full time UI designer
  • Began UI internship at Big Huge Games, working on mobile game DomiNations
  • Learned how internationalization can really ruin a button if you're not careful
  • Moved to Baltimore, MD
  • Started at MICA as a photo major; switched to graphic design by the end of the year
  • Hired to do my first photoshoot for local fashion designer; met a man with a jacket made of hundreds of pennies
  • Got first camera, Nikon d80, and got really into digital photography
  • 7th grade math teacher doesn't teach us Algebra I, and instead teaches us Javascript
  • Learned I love programming
  • Attended Warped Tour during a storm
  • Kingdom Hearts II was released; my brain chemistry is permanently altered by Mickey Mouse explaining the key to eternal darkness
  • Made my first website using ProBoards: a forum for talking with my friends about Warrior Cats and cool games
  • Born near Philadelphia, PA at 7:30pm
  • Began my life as a night owl